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Dark side of Football Betting

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Fixed Dark Deep Web Matches

Betting in football

Due to its massive fanbase, football betting is surely one of the most popular forms of sports-related gambling. There are several ways of betting in football, most commonly done by the prediction of match results. Nowadays especially, football betting has become increasingly popular due to its easy access through the internet, more and more through the increase of such services offered on the deep web. People take such easy opportunities in aim to profit themselves.

How football betting works

Betting odds represent the ratio of a given stake and the winnings of the outcome of the bet. Usually shown as decimals, taking example (3.00), meaning that if you won that specific bet, you will earn 3$ from every 1$ placed.

Odds are calculated by bookmakers depending on the probability of the outcome of matches, as well as many other events occurring within the match such as; the number of goals scored, number of corners per team, number of yellow cards and many other factors. Although betting odds are very similar across different betting services, certain dubious bookmakers on the dark web are known to rig odds.

Three main types of bets in football

Match Outcome Bet

This type of bet is perhaps the simplest. If you choose to bet on the match outcome, you basically have to bet on a team to win or you can also bet that the match will result in a draw.

Asian handicap Bet

In this type of bet, the team which scores the most with a handicap applied to it will be deemed winner. Taking example, if you back Barcelona to beat Real Madrid with a handicap of –1.5, then to win your bet, Barcelona must win the match by 2 or more goals.

Goal Scorer Bet

As suggested in the title, with this kind of bet you can predict which player will score, if that particular player will score first, last or at any moment of the match. You can also bet in which particular minute a specific player will score, with the odds of that happening very low, if your predictions are correct you can earn yourself a very well valued bet prize.

Match Fixing related to football betting

Fixed matches may cause a lot of issues to the football industry, however for certain people who gamble over games, this act may be very profitable. Fixed football matches occur for a reason and mainly because they can be taken advantage of, both for club success or of course for money-making reasons.

A clear example of fixed matches related to football betting is no other than what happened in the Nigerian Second Division in 2013, when 2 teams won over their opponents with ridiculous scores of 79-0 and 67-0, results which are realistically impossible to attain. Apparently, a very high stake was involved on both of these matches on certain websites found on the hidden web.

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