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Football Match Results: Dark Web Outcomes

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Fixed Dark Deep Web Matches

Football may be considered as a passion and a relief to most spectators. Yet, certain moments, perhaps unfair decisions against their team or even other unusual circumstances tend to cause huge controversies. Thus, here is a list of four of the most scandalous football match results in history.

FC Barcelona vs Chelsea (2009)

This Champions League semi-final match is surely one of the most controversial matches in Champions league history. With the score level at 1-1, the Chelsea side were denied a whopping six clear penalty decisions. Many had accused Barcelona for their match fixing, with the involvement of the dark web to blame. The Catalan side proceeded to come out victorious from the game on away goals.

Nigerian Second Division (2013)

The Nigerian games between Plateau United Feeders vs Akurba FC and Police Machine FC vs Bubayaro FC were clearly fixed matches with the Feeders beating their opponents with a ridiculous score of 79-0 and the Police Machines beating their opponents with another absurd score of 67-0. The most possible reason for these fixed football matches was that there was a high stake involved on both matches on certain betting websites found on the deep web. As a result of this, the four teams involved were banned from further games for the following 10 years.

AS Adema vs SO l’Emyrne (2002)

This 2002 match between the 2 Madagascan sides holds the world record for the highest scoreline in football history, in-which AS Adema won by an outrageous score of 149-0.  Although the score is realistically impossible to attain, just like the Nigerian fixed matches stated above, AS Adema intentionally allowed their opponents to win, however in aim to protest decisions that have gone against them in previous matches. Following the match, the coach and four of the loser side’s players were suspended.

Italy vs Spain (1934)

The 1934 FIFA World cup surely happened long before the football scandals within the deep web fixed matches, however it was insanely scandalous in its own way. This match between Italy and Spain was no different. Spain was initially winning, until the Italians scored a very controversial equalizer in-which the Spanish goalkeeper was fouled, resulting into him breaking two of his ribs. The referee had none of it and Italy proceeded to win the match after another two goals were overturned. Apart from the injured Spanish goalkeeper, six other Spanish players could not play in the second game. This controversial match was one of many others involving Italy during that specific World Cup.

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