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Worst Losers in Football: Players and Teams

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Depending on how you interpret it, a loser in football can mean various things. From ridiculously losing a staggering number of finals, to teams attempting to buy their way to the top of the league through fixed deep web matches, here is a list of five of the worst losers in football including both players and teams.

Patrice Evra Dark Web

Although Evra has several winners’ medals under his name, he cannot hide the fact that he is the player with the most Champions League final losses in history. He lost his first final against Porto in 2004 and lost another three times against Barcelona in 2009,2011 and 2015. As if these losses weren’t enough for him, he lost another final, this time in the EURO 2016 against Portugal. What an unlucky man!

Juventus (2005-2006) Dark Web

Match fixing is definitely an issue in the football world, even more due to the wider availability to do so through the deep hidden web links and the internet in general. For instance, back in 2005, Italian side Juventus were involved in various fixed football matches that had led them to unfairly win the league title.

The scandalous actions from Juventus weren’t done through the dark web  links and rather through telephone conversations which were easy intercepted, thus resulting in them into getting exposed for their actions. Consequently, they were stripped off their title and were relegated to the lower division of Italian football, (the Serie B) as a punishment.

Zinedine Zidane

Undoubtedly one of the greatest footballers in history, the Frenchman has also managed to earn his way onto this list. The event goes back to the 2006 World Cup Final vs Italy, when Italian player Materazzi seemingly verbally insulted Zidane who furiously got his revenge through a headbutt onto the Italian national. This act got him sent off the field, resulting in a French loss. Many argue that the sending off of Zidane played a key role in France’s loss, therefore making him just another loser.

Marseille FC (1993)

Just like Juventus as mentioned earlier in this list, in 1993 Marseille FC were also involved in several fixed matches that helped them achieve the French league title. Similarly to the Italian side, they were stripped off their league title and the officials involved were sentenced to jail. The French side eventually turned out to be losers.

Doncaster Rovers (1997-1998)

Usually holding a record of something is considered as a good thing, right? Well, I wouldn’t say that in the case of Doncaster Rovers during the 1997-98 season, when they had the most losses ever in an English football season with an absurd 34 losses. Not something to be proud of for the Rovers, however unless another team breaks their record, they will surely remain in the loser books!

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